How to make a payment for accommodation and services at BonHotel.

When making reservation for a room it is necessary to make a 100% prepayment. Prepayment is a guarantee that the reservation was successfully performed and you will check in in the desired period. Now, you can pay for your reservation with the help of the electronic payment system WEBPAY™.

You can send your request to make a payment using the electronic payment system WEBPAY™ to hotel email address and our reservation manager will send you a link to your e-mail with the invoice. With your credit card details you can complete the transaction and make a safe online payment.

In our website you don’t need to reveal any passwords or credit card details.

After you click “Payment” at the website page you will receive a notification to your e-mail address confirming that the operation was successful and we will get a confirmation that the payment transfer was performed. When all the above steps are completed, you will receive a verification of the reservation.

The reservation is not guaranteed until the transaction has been successfully completed.  

If the guest cancels the reservation refund will be made to the same credit card account that was used during the transaction of reservation, the request for refund should be sent to hotel’s email address In case of no show full amount is charged to the guest’s credit card account for compensation of the room not being offered to another guest. 

Description of payment process with V­ISA or MASTERCARD credit cards.

Step-by-step guide (what happens during the payment)

Step 1: if you are not sure that your credit card is suitable to perform online transactions, please contact your bank to check (the bank that issued your credit card).

Step 2: if you make a reservation by phone or e-mail our reservation manager will send you an e-mail with the step-by-step instructions for making a payment by WEBPAY™ and a link to the WEBPAY™ page where you can enter your bank card details and transfer money.

Step 3: when using the link provided you will be redirected to the authorized WEBPAY™ server where you can make the payment.

Step 4: WEBPAY™   server makes a secure connection by secure SSL protocol and receives confidential bank card details from the client (bank card number, holder’s name, expiry date and CVC/CVC2 bank card number).

Important! You need to enter and confirm your bank card details in the 20 minutes period of time (as it’s the time given to you to enter details).

If the time runs out then your payment will be cancelled automatically and you will get an email with notification that the time ran out and your session is over. In this case you need to use the link provided in email again and repeat the payment procedure.

Step 5: authorized WEBPAY™ server processes the information received from you and transfers it to the bank using safe and secure connection.

Step 6: the bank verifies whether Unitary Enterprise “Strominvest-Estate” (hotel BonHotel) is connected to WEBPAY™ and also checks if the payment transfer satisfies the requirements of system restrictions. After these details are verified the transaction will be approved (or rejected) whether to charge the bank card or not.

Important! There may be different reasons for the payment to be rejected.

If the payment is rejected:

  • There is not enough cash on your credit card;

Solution: add money to your account.

  • The bank that issued your card put a ban on making payments on the internet (this is quite rare but there are banks that sometimes put restrictions on making payments on the internet);

Solution: Contact the bank that issued your card or use a different credit card.

  • Your session has expired. (You haven’t entered your credit card details in 20 minutes provided for entering details and making a payment).

Solution: Please use the link provided in the e-mail from the hotel again.

  • The information that you have entered was not confirmed (data format error)

Solution: Use the link provided in the e-mail from the hotel again. On the WebPay page please enter your card details carefully (credit card number, holder’s name, expiry date, CVC/CVC2 number).


Step-by-step instructions for making a payment by VISA and MasterCard using WEBPAY™.

1. Enter your bank card number - it’s a 16-digit number indicated on the front of the card. Please see the picture that shows where to find it.

2. Enter your name (using Latin letters) the same as on the bank card in the “Name” section. Please see the picture that shows where to find it.

3. Enter expiry date of you bank card – month and year. Please see the picture that shows where to find it.

4. Enter security code CVC/CVC2 – it’s a 3-digit number indicated on the back of the card. Please see the picture that shows where to find it.

5. Enter your email address: your email address needs to be entered in the “Email address” section, same email that you have enter when making a reservation.

6. Enter your phone number: your phone number needs to be entered in the “Phone number” section.

7. Enter the security code indicated on the picture underneath. Press “Make the payment”.

WebPay system will transfer you to a different page for finalizing your payment. Press “Finalize the Payment”. You can also print out the invoice (“Print invoice” link is located at the top of the page).

Important! After making a payment with your bank card please keep all of your invoices (receipts) in case of a disputable situation.