г BYN

Lenten salad (chef's own recipe)

crispy salad leaves with baked potatoes, pickled honey mushrooms, fried champignons and cherry tomatoes with a sesame oil and mustard dressing.

220 16,00

Salad with king prawns

fried in spicy garlic butter with cherry tomatoes, fresh greens and a signature green oil dressing.

180 20,00

Warm salad with roasted salmon,

baked beets, fresh pears, cherry tomatoes and pickled cheese flavored with green butter.

180 20,00

Meat salad from the chef

chicken fillet and beef are chopped with potatoes, olives, capers, topped and homemade mayonnaise. 

246 18,50

Salad with beef

stewed in soy sauce with fried potatoes, pickled honey mushrooms and fresh salad leaves with poached egg garlic butter dressing.

150/57 19,00